11 Plus Games


Parent reviews

Mrs Niijar

Whizz Match is really good game!  It has definitely helped my son with his vocabulary and he enjoys playing it.  We found this card game so useful we bought Whizz opposites as well.  The games not only help the children but the adults too!  I personally would highly recommend these games for the 11 plus.

Mrs Kendle

I have found it so difficult to get my daughter to learn any new vocabulary for the 11 plus.  The Whizz games have transformed her attitude towards learning new words and she plays them without even being asked!  It has definitely helped her to expand her vocabulary without realising it!

Children’s reviews:


Whizz games are fun but educational at the same time which is unusual.  You can play them on your own or as a family.  Whizz match and Whizz opposites both have loads of sections to play and you will always be determined to conquer the Whizz!

Rachel Smith

I really enjoy playing the Whizz games because I am learning in a fun way!  It is also quick and simple to play and all the time you are learning new words.  At first I get most of them wrong and then when I play it again I remember the words.  I find the games really encouraging as I can see evidence of my word knowledge getting better.


Whizz Match is a great game and you can spend time having fun playing it on your own or with your family.  It is in a small box so is easy to take away on holiday. I always feel really excited and nervous before I play it. I really challenge myself to get them all right and to become a Whizz! About 15 of the words came up in the real test which was amazing!